His Name is Victory

I’m playing Christmas songs through the speaker at our foster & adoptive parents day out (which doubled as a Christmas party for the kids), and one of the girls asks me, “can you play the song Resurrecting? I love that song. It was the last song we sang last week at church.” I smile atContinue reading “His Name is Victory”

To Be a Child Again

Will You take me back to the beginning? Back to my wide-eyed gaze and childlike faith. Back to when I trusted You as a Father, and when I delighted in being Your daughter. Will You take me back there? There’s a lot of mess You’ll have to climb through, and a lot of layers toContinue reading “To Be a Child Again”

I Will Remember

I will remember how the Lord was faithful to Joseph, and how intentional He was with his story, weaving even the broken, painful, and messy parts into something beautiful. I’ll remember how the Lord never left him even when his brothers rejected him, and even when he was alone in a prison cell. Even there,Continue reading “I Will Remember”

Jesus Wept

Tears filled my eyes as we prayed over the first few verses of Psalm 13: “How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?    How long will you hide your face from me?” I’m not sure that I have ever felt the pain of waiting on the Lord quite like I did in 2020. Backing up a little bit,Continue reading “Jesus Wept”

Make Me Brave

I want to be the kind of brave that always chooses compassion. The kind that leans into hard and uncomfortable spaces and doesn’t run away from them. I want to be the kind of brave that’s obedient in whatever the Lord asks of me, no matter how scary or intimidating or uncomfortable the task mayContinue reading “Make Me Brave”

A Forgetful Heart

The gray clouds, cold weather and early sunset have made room for melancholy to come in and linger. But I’ve been inviting the Lord into the heaviness and I’ve been praying for joy. And on a day like today, His goodness and beauty is completely undeniable. I see it through these blue skies and yellowContinue reading “A Forgetful Heart”


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