Thank You for Your Word and for the way it honors and represents and sees ourhumanity. Thank You for Elijah’s story and how we get to read about all of the bigthings You did through him, and thank You for including that part where he’safraid and exhausted and caught up in despair. And thank You for the way Youtenderly met him there. Thank…

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I want to be the kind of brave That sees the good, The kind that seeks to understand Before trying to be understood. I want to be the kind of brave That enters in and chooses to stay, The kind that sees suffering And doesn’t look away. I want to be the kind of brave That slows down long enough to rest The…

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Empty Cup

They say you can’t pour from an empty cup But I’m just not sure I know How to fill it back up. Maybe I’ll get away for awhile and go to the sea I’ll soak my feet in the sand And forget about the demands of productivity. Maybe I could try getting some sleep, Then I’ll find a good book And some good…

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Sacred Middle Space

It’s my dreams laid down and my heart laid bare Trusting that You see and trusting that You care. It’s these walls of Jericho That I hoped would’ve fallen by now  But I don’t see any cracks Or signs of crumbling down. Are my prayers prayed in vain  Or are you listening?  They say the heart gets sick  Because of hope deferred  So…

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Utter extravagance. I look around at this church made of stone and gold and the most beautiful variety of colors. I admire the sculptures of Mary and Joseph and of Jesus on the cross, and I stand in awe over every intricate detail that went into telling the story of redemption and Love here. “God is light,” the architect said, as he covered…

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People & Trains In Scotland

As we travel through mountains and cities, Sunshine and rain, I look around and I wonder about the stories Of the people on this train. A mother sits quietly with her arms around her son And I wonder where they’re headed And where they came from. There’s an old couple sitting together Seemingly happy, and free I wonder how many years they’ve had,…

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The Woman Who Fears the Lord

She is strong, dignified, respectable. She’s hardworking, diligent, persevering. She engages in business, or science, or art, and she does it with excellence. She radiates beauty and light and life. She is wise, kind, tender-hearted, and she is fierce, bold and steadfast. She loves the Lord and walks in His ways. She carries herself with a quiet confidence, knowing that her Maker calls…

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Plant A Garden In This Wasteland

Would You plant a garden in this wasteland? This has been my prayer for a long time. I actually stole these words from a song by Brogan Gaskill, called Elijah. I thought these lyrics were especially beautiful and they resonated deeply with me, so I turned them into my prayer. Truth be told I didn’t want to write about this. It feels too…

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Bright Yellow Journal

Starting a new journal always feels a little bit nostalgic, or sacred, or sentimental? I’m not sure what the right word for it is but for some reason I always find myself on the first page writing about how it feels. Maybe I feel accomplished after finishing another journal or maybe it feels like I get a fresh start, like I get to…

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His Name is Victory

I’m playing Christmas songs through the speaker at our foster & adoptive parents day out (which doubled as a Christmas party for the kids), and one of the girls asks me, “can you play the song Resurrecting? I love that song. It was the last song we sang last week at church.” I smile at her, turn on the song, and turn the…

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To Be a Child Again

Will You take me back to the beginning? Back to my wide-eyed gaze and childlike faith. Back to when I trusted You as a Father, and when I delighted in being Your daughter. Will You take me back there? There’s a lot of mess You’ll have to climb through, and a lot of layers to dig past. Disappointment, doubt, cynicism, melancholy…but will You…

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A Forgetful Heart

The gray clouds, cold weather and early sunset have made room for melancholy to come in and linger. But I’ve been inviting the Lord into the heaviness and I’ve been praying for joy. And on a day like today, His goodness and beauty is completely undeniable. I see it through these blue skies and yellow trees and these rose bushes that I don’t…

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