A Forgetful Heart

The gray clouds, cold weather and early sunset have made room for melancholy to come in and linger. But I’ve been inviting the Lord into the heaviness and I’ve been praying for joy. And on a day like today, His goodness and beauty is completely undeniable. I see it through these blue skies and yellow trees and these rose bushes that I don’t even think serve a real purpose other than to simply look beautiful. He shows me a tiny glimpse of the love that He has for me through the love that I have for this little girl (who isn’t even my own). Her bright blue eyes and her huge smile that I can’t even look at without smiling myself. The way that I immediately drop everything and run to her when I sense she’s upset or hear her crying. The way that I am attentive to her every need, no matter how trivial. The fact that I long for her to feel nothing but joy but love her enough to say “no” so that she doesn’t get hurt, even if she doesn’t understand why in the moment.

And then I sit back and I marvel again at the Lord’s goodness because I realize that He is listening to me, and that He cares enough to answer. He reaches down and shows me the wonders of His love and fills my heart with joy all over again. And I know He will again and again, over and over, because that’s who He is and because my human heart is so terribly forgetful.

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