People & Trains In Scotland

As we travel through mountains and cities, 
Sunshine and rain
I look around and I wonder about the stories
Of the people on this train.
A mother sits quietly 
With her arms around her son
And I wonder where they’re headed,
And where they came from.
An old couple sits together
Seemingly happy, thankful, free. I wonder how many years they’ve had
And how many miles they’ve seen.
There’s a girl with headphones, sitting alone. 
I wonder about her life
And all that she’s known. I wonder about her joys and her sorrows,
Her hopes and her dreams
As we pass by grass and sheep and rocky water streams.
I wonder if I’d been born here 
How my life would be.
Would I always spend my time on trains
And sipping afternoon tea?
Going to the other side of the world
Is a funny thing.
I’ve seen water that glistens
And mountains that sing.
I’ve seen castles and cities and really old towns.
This is where I have the accent,                        
And where I pay in “pounds.”
But really we’re not as different as it seems.
Just like the girl with the headphones,
I have my own hopes and dreams.
Really, we’re all just the same kind of people,
Chasing after the same kind of things.

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