Sacred Middle Space

It’s my dreams laid down and my heart laid bare
Trusting that You see and trusting that You care.
It’s these walls of Jericho 
That I hoped would’ve fallen by now 
But I don’t see any cracks
Or signs of crumbling down.
Are my prayers prayed in vain 
Or are you listening? 
They say the heart gets sick 
Because of hope deferred 
So would You help me even here,
To hold fast to Your Word? 
I’ll come back year after year, 
Learning to worship through
Grief and tears 
And I’ll learn that this hope 
Will not put me to shame 
Even when fear tells me 
That hope is a dangerous game. 
But I’m beginning to see
That You’re building a life of trust
Here, between the two of us 
In what has become a sacred middle space 
As I let You into my heart 
And as I fervently seek Your face.
I believe that You, Jesus
Are loving, faithful and true 
So would you tenderly meet me here
As I lay out my longing before You? 

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