Empty Cup

They say you can’t pour from an empty cup
 But I’m just not sure I know 
How to fill it back up. 
Maybe I’ll get away for awhile and go to the sea
I’ll soak my feet in the sand 
And forget about the demands of productivity. 
Maybe I could try getting some sleep,
Then I’ll find a good book 
And some good coffee. 
I’ll turn off my phone and go outside, 
And maybe I’ll even have a good cry. 
I’ll put on my favorite song and I’ll sing, 
Maybe that will stop the overthinking...
  Then I’ll share a meal with some friends
And we’ll all laugh and tell stories 
Until the night ends. 
And maybe I could be reminded 
Of a God who sees, 
A God who knows and cares
And desires rest for me. 

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