Thank You for Your Word and for the way it honors and represents and sees our
humanity. Thank You for Elijah’s story and how we get to read about all of the big
things You did through him, and thank You for including that part where he’s
afraid and exhausted and caught up in despair. And thank You for the way You
tenderly met him there. Thank You that we get to see Moses fearful of what You
were calling him to, because sometimes I feel fearful, too. Thank You for Jacob and
the way I see myself in his rebelliousness and constant wrestling with Your heart.
And thank You for Your patience with him and how You steadied Your gaze and
never him let go. Thank You for that story about Hagar and how You met her by a
stream of water when she was upset and alone, and how You told her that You saw
her. And that story about Samuel the prophet? You could’ve started simply with his
birth but thank You that You didn’t. Thank You that we get to read about Hannah
and her years of barrenness and her crying out to You in anguish for a child, that
some might find solidarity in her story. Thank You for David and for his raw,
unedited emotions and questions and wrestling, and thank You that they’re all laid
out in the psalms for us to pray, too. Thank You that every human emotion is
represented somewhere in Your book: anger, joy, anxiety, depression, fear, worry,
envy, despair, etc… And thank You that You’re a God who flips tables and
weeps and laughs and cries out to His Father in anguish, too.

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